How to lower the cost (CPC) of facebooks ads

These are tips necessary to ensure that you pay less for the result on your facebook ads:

  • Watch and understand your relelvance score. The score tells you how reelvant your ad is to the target audience. This scroe is between 1-10. If your ad has a score of below 5, consider reviewing it and making it more relelvant.
  • Focus on increasing CTR (Click-thru-Rate). This results into increased relevance score. To increase CTR, used desktop feeds, used CTA button learn more instead of shop now, reduce Frequency to below 1.
  • Run highly targeted camapigns for niche markets. 
  • Utilize retargeting. Show ads to people you have already shown and have already warmed up with. Create a custom audience of people who have already interacted with your page.
  • Split test images and copies. This helps you to know which ad is performing better or what your audience prefers.
  • Only target facebook desktop feed. Deactivate instagram and mobile feeds.

If you consider implementing the above tips on your facebook ad, you will see your CPC will lower significantly. You can actually create a split test ad with the above implemented to see how it will perform first before implementing it.

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