Get Started Online Overview

This course is meant for all those who have passion and would like to turn it into an online business, organization or project. This course will be delivered, session by session, into your inbox everyday for the next 10 days. 

After the course, you will be equipped with the following:

  • Online Business strategies
  • Online Business Tools
  • Online Business Framework
  • Online Business Information

This is the outline of the sessions of the Get Started Online Course to be delivered within the next 10 days.

Business planning and modeling

  • Day 1: Business Planning / Unleashing Your Passion
  • Day 2: Identifying your niche market
  • Day 3: Selecting your product or service and providers
  • Day 4:  Identify Your Competition
  • Day 5:  Product Payment & Delivery

Business name, identity and Hosting

  • Day 6: Introduction to business identities and brands
  • Day 7: Hosting your business – Offline and Online
  • Day 8: Business identity and communication

Developing business model and processes

  • Day 9: Business Model and Processes - Offline and Online
  • Day 10: Online Business Setup

We believe that after the 10 days, you will be ready to start your online business or organization and take it to the next level. Note that the online start up, management and growth processes of a business and a non-profit organization are the same; what differ is the website setup. We will tackle that in the course. So whether you are in business or non-profit world, feel at home and go ahead with the course.

Feel free to ask any questions at:

If you have not yet acquired the GSO tools, you MUST do so. You need them during the course as you will be led into a step-by-step process of building your online business/organization. Get your Web address and Website for FREE at GSO Tools

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