Get Started Online Introduction

Welcome to Get Started Online course. This course will teach you simple strategies and tools that will enable you to start your online business.

First, the big question remains, why do businesses succeed? And the big answer is Passion! A business starts with an entrepreneur's idea. Most entrepreneurs start businesses that they are passionate about. Starting a business involves investing a lot on time and resources. And someone can only do this if they are passionate about the business and believe in their ideas.

Therefore if you start a business based on what you are really passionate about, then the chances that the business will succeed are quite high.

A lot of people have been running businesses based on other people's passion. They start by seeking and investing into businesses that are doing well instead of what they are passionate about or they have knowledge or experience on. This is the reason that 9 out on 10 business start-ups do not reach their fifth birthday.

Passion is not inborn. Talents are. Just like skills, passion is developed. That means that you could be passionate about something now and something else different in future. Sometimes passion is affected by the environment. For instance, the passion for online business for a person living in the rural area where there is no internet, seems impossible. That's why its always advisable to develop your passion before you monetize it. Only strong passion make money.

The passion is the only thing that remains when the whole business crumbles down. Its the only fire that ignites it back. Without it, you cannot have the energy to survive the numerous turmoils in the business world.

Passion is everything. Nothing beats the passion. When passion and skill work together, the end result is often a masterpiece. This is the masterpiece to the ultimate fulfillment. With your passion, this course will instill an invaluable skill of running an online business.

Passion, talent, skill ... Whether painting, cooking, dancing, running, driving ... name it! You can revolutionize this world and cash in bigtime! It doesn't matter if you are 10 years old or 70 years old, the minute you identify your passion, you can monetize it and change this world.

As you take this bold step towards starting your online business or organization, i would like you to look into yourself and identify what you are most passionate about. That is what will make you money or value, online.

Welcome and lets get started.

The next session is a Get Started Online Overview that will explain to you the course structure and sessions over the next 10 days.

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